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Samsung SGH-T629 User Manual

When the slider closes, the phone by default locks the keys against accidental activation.

Unlocking simply involves a two key sequence. Opening the slider automatically unlocks the keys. Very handy and natural! The camera button and microSD slot sit on the right edge.

Samsung T629 Brand New!!!!

The latter also has a cover. The battery takes up about two-thirds of the back of the phone, with the SIM card next to it. The camera lens sits in the top of the back panel, as does the speaker. I never encountered a reception problem with the t Areas that challenge the RAZR also challenge the t I drove to North Carolina with it, fully expecting the signal to drop out at some point since T-Mobile doesn't have coverage at my destination. The Samsung easily transitioned to a roaming profile, so smooth in fact that I didn't notice a change in the conversation when it happened.

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Voice quality proved clear and clean, with plenty of volume control. I found the speaker phone function usable both in a quiet office setting and in a car. Since the speaker resides on the back, you may want to put it face down if necessary to get more volume, but I never encountered such a situation. The included headset also furnished clear communications with ample volume.

The plug for the headphone jack is proprietary to Samsung, so chances are that your headset for another phone will not work unless you've had another of the newer Samsungs with the slim jack. In our tests in the Dallas metro area, the phone managed an average of 60k.

Thus, it took a good 10 seconds to download short clips. JPEGs seemed to download too fast to measure, but then they were very small. You'd expect to find MP3 and HiFi ringtone support, and wouldn't be disappointed here. If you don't like what's included, then you can download whatever suits your fancy. Some nice jazz tune, maybe The bright 2. It does a very nice job with small text and pictures. Its quality isn't as good as the Samsung Am, but still quite nice.

Its brightness makes it easy to read outside in the sunlight. It can make its own playlists, and directly accesses multimedia files that reside both internally and on the microSD card. Music and videos play smoothly, and the 4-way pad controls the player in a natural manner—no learning curve involved. The t can output stereo but you'll need to find a Samsung stereo earbud headset to enjoy tunes in stereo. They are fairly simple, but play well, require a bit of skill, and help pass time when you're waiting on queue.

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Oct 16, 3 A Bluetooth pairing prompt screen will be displayed. Tap the Ok button to proceed with the pairing. To ensure complete pairing, confirm the. Oct 4, You can pair devices together via Bluetooth to transfer data, play audio, conduct calls and other functions. Devices must be paired properly.

Their smooth action and good sound quality add to their enjoyment, and their colors look great as well. The 4-way pad works well in the games.

How to transfer contacts via Bluetooth

The 1. Select a contact to transfer by ticking the corresponding checkbox, and then tap Done button to transfer. Related Questions Monitoring data usage on my Galaxy Phone My number is not showing on other's phone when I call How to create a group contact?

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Show More. Face-to-face support. Took me a minute to realize I needed to accept the pairing on the phone screen. Judging on The-9's post I guess you can import the phone book? Must be in one of the couple of manuals I did not recieve with my car. Hi all. This is my first post. I had no problems linking my Blackberry Storm to my CX However, when I try to import my phone book I get errors.

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My husbands phone and phone book went in with no problems. I've been careful to enter actual numbers vs. Any ideas?? Did you get any software updates for your phone by chance? No, not that I am aware of. I don't think automatic updates are performed without my knowing - unlike Microsoft Nokia N73 pairs, Bluetooth audio works, but can not download phonebook and make nor recieve calls.

It paired just fine, and works great.

I've tried pairing the e63 and a , but no matter what I do the bluetooth keeps exiting out. If it does get to the pairing part, it just says "pairing" for about 10 seconds and then exits out, but it often doesn't even get this far. I just went out to the car and tried making sure the audio system was off, no luck.

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I then tried the voice training and I couldn't even get through the first phrase before the system exited out. Sometimes as soon as I hit the talk button I just immediately hear the exit beep and I'm kicked out. I may upgrade my phone soon, and I have some Qs on the procedure.

Move contacts

I skimmed a few of the posts in here, and I think I first have to "unpair" my existing phone, then re-pair the new one. Is this correct? Also, the new phone in question would be a Samsung Solstice - anyone paired this phone to their 9 successfully yet? Thanks all. It's fairly an easy process.

My wife got a new cell phone from a Nokia to a Motorola and all I did was delete her Nokia and added the Motorola. The Samsung Solstice should be just as easy to pair with the CX9 and should pair without any problem since it has the latest Bluetooth software. I have a Droid hooked up Tried Nokia Carbon Arte and it does not work with Mazda's bluetooth. The phone is paired and the navi screen shows battery and signal strength, but the calls cannot be made or received.

When making or receiving a call, the phone says "transferring to Mazda" but there is no connection between the car and the phone. I cannot hear anything unless I disconnect the connection with Mazda. If anybody had a similar issue and solved it, please let me know.

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Several Blackberrys and Motorolas worked just fine. Has anyone tried the new Verizon Palm Pre Plus? I just signed for the CX-9 and will be picking tomorrow. We also just got the Palm Pre Plus. I noticed on Mazda's site, there are a couple exceptions listed with the Sprint Palm Pre call waiting and receive contact do not work. Not sure if it will be different with the Verizon Palm Pre Plus. I just got back from the Mazda dealer and played with the bluetooth in the Sport.

I have a Sprint Pre, and it paired just fine. The voice prompts are easy and it understood my deep voice. But I couldnt figure out if the stock radio has A2DP audio streaming. I only had a few moments, and didnt go through enough menus to find out if it was possible. If anyone has any insight, please let me know. This may be enough of a reason to buy the I have an '07 Sport that is nearing the end of its lease or go elsewhere.

Anyone have an iPhone 4? Ever since i got the new phone, the CX-9 keeps telling my I have a low battery, regardless how full it is. Have a new Motorola DroidX recently. No issue pairing with '08 CX9. So far so good. Wondering if any iPhone users hvae had recent issues with the the system reporting that the "Phone is not available". I haven't tried re-syncing my 3GS, but my wife's new iPhone 4 upgraded from a 3G seems to have the same problem. No trouble with my 3GS running either 4. It pairs and does phone well but the audio portion is horrible.